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Official Selection

"Mr Sand" by Soetkin Verstegen
"Cheveux Rouges et Café Noir" by Bochet Milena
"All The Other Things" by Egor Chichkanov
"Whoever Was Using This Bed" by Andrew Kotatko
"Ícaro" by Carla Shah
"Curtain Call" by Hoon Ryu
"Adaptation" by Bartosz Kruhlik 
"Hysteria" by Carlos Meléndez
"Kurdistan-Kurdistan" by Bulent Gunduz
"The Exile" by Arturo Ruiz Serrano
"Far Away Too Close" by Türkan Derya
"Rabbit Blood" by Yagmur Altan
"Frailer" by Mijke de Jong
"Pele, My Paradise" by Antonella Carrasco
"3000" by Antonis Tsonis
"Point de Fuite" by Stephen A. Smith
"Three Women" by Alexis Delgado Burdalo
"Cuerdas" by Pedro Solís García
"Alegria - A Humanitarian Expedition" by Christoph von Toggenburg
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